Love is in the air


Greetings from Pretoria!

My colleague and I went to Hazel Food Market this weekend, and suddenly we were surrounded by all sorts of heart shapes and roses. Hah! It was Valentine!!!

It was such a fun discovery… at first. Why not, right? Everyone was in the mood of love and happiness. It didn’t occur to me until the coffee guy handed me two cups of cappuccino with big hearts in gorgeous white foam with a wink and loudly said “Happy Valentine to you and your love one”… Errrrr…

Like other tourists (although I am not quite fond of that term), my colleague and I took photos every where we went. Of course, our sweet and friendly South African people must insist on taking picture for us so that we could be together. Well.. let’s just say we almost seriously considered having “no” “couple” tattooed on our foreheads.

Talking about couple, let me introduce you to the REAL one. Drum roll please… Yoko and Nikolaj!!!

It’s so cool that my dear friends allowed me to feature their happily-ever-after story on my blog on Valentine. However, I promised not to publicly share their secret love details!!! Such as their first date when Nikolaj pretended to ask Yoko about some work-related information and this hopelessly-in-love guy showed up with a large bunch of roses. And his burnt budget for his frequent visits to DC to woo her all over. And her saying “yes” a hundred times just in case he didn’t hear it clearly the first 99 times 😉

I was over the moon when Yoko and Nikolaj asked me to capture their special moments…


“Rose are red.. Violets are blue…”


“Vodka costs less than dinner for two…”

Noooo…. I mean…

“Sugar is sweet… and so are you”


“Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


I’m not sure if this Antoine guy meant this direction. Should I tell them that they only have a few seconds to safely cross the street?

Meanwhile, Happy Belated Valentine, everyone!!!