Basic Pasta Dough


Rice is the main staple where I grew up. So eating rice in every meal is not a problem for me. But it is for my oh-so-easy-to-please hubby! He needs pasta. He needs bread. Like he needs air to survive. And he gets tired of dry pasta, store-bought bread. Did I say he’s easy to please?

Last Christmas, I brought home this hulk. He IS AMAZING! We have fresh pasta (and different kinds of pasta, baby) every week without lifting a finger. Well, not exactly, you still need to press the button 🙂 Maybe soon they will come up with a machine that can read our minds – then it will be awesome!

If you want to go the classic way (a.k.a. labor intensive method), head over to Serious Eat for step-by-step instruction and explanation. The rest, follow me!

Basic Pasta Dough

(4 generous servings)

500g all-purpose flour (King Arthur)
200g liquid (water and 2 eggs)
a pinch of salt

  1. Mix flour and salt together, and add to the pasta maker machine.
  2. Press the button (this is the hardest part).
  3. Once the pasta come out, cut to desirable length, and sprinkle some flours.

Variations of pasta dough

You can play around with the pasta color. The recipe is quite forgiving, so just play with any color from natural ingredients that you can think of (red cabbage, green leaves, carrot, turmeric, red beets, and so on…). Below is a few variations I have

Red: 200g liquid (water + 2 eggs + 2 tbs tomato paste or juice from red beets)

Green: 200g liquid (water + 2 eggs + juice from kale or spinach)

Yellow: 200g liquid (water + 2 eggs + carrot juice or 1 tbs turmeric powder)

Purple: 200g liquid (water + 2 eggs + juice from red cabbage or juice from magenta leaf)