Vietnamese-style steak tartare


Grandparents are here!!!

That means the kids are spoiled rotten! And so are us…

Indeed, grandpa is quite an experienced gourmet cook and he has created several cool dishes entirely on his own. So of course we take this opportunity to learn a few of his secrets. Here is one. You are very welcome!


Vietnamese-Style Steak Tartare

(for 6 servings as appetizer, or 3 servings as main course)

1 lb beef tenderloin or flank (hand cut to small cubes)
1 tbs fish sauce (to taste)
Juice of 2 lemons
Sawtooth herbs (finely chopped)
Thai basil (finely chopped)
Peanuts (roasted and coarsely chopped)

  1. 10 minutes before serving, combine hand-cut steak cubes, fish sauce, and lemon juice in a small bowl.
  2. To serve: add herbs and mix quickly. Divide to serving plates and sprinkle chopped roasted peanuts on top. Garnish with more herbs if desired.